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Time For A Shift? – Margaret R. Wilder

Is it time for a change? Are you wondering what to do? Does God even care?
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The Life That Pleases God – William A. Ward, Ph.D., D. Litt., D.D.

If man could realize all of the possibilities for good that lie within his nature, if all of his good purposes could come to pass, if his better nature could come to full fruition in his life, how wonderful life would be—but this is only possible if a man would only do those things which would please God.

This desire to please God cannot be an afterthought. Rather it has to be the all-consuming passion of your life. Continue reading

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Egypt: A Country Close to God’s Heart

God loves Egypt.  Egypt is a country that links northeast Africa with the Middle East.  This interesting country dates back to the time of the pharaohs.  Biblical stories of Egypt tell of the captivity of the Hebrews and that God … Continue reading

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