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“Where are you God?” – Part I – Margaret R. Wilder

As the deer pants for water, so I long for you, O God. I thirst for God, the living God. Where can I find him to come and stand before him? Day and night I weep for his help, and all the while my enemies taunt me. “Where is this God of yours?” they scoff. Continue reading

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Time For A Shift? – Margaret R. Wilder

Is it time for a change? Are you wondering what to do? Does God even care?
Continue reading

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The True Light – Margaret R. Wilder

And while the whole world waits for some new miracle, invention, or sign, the most magnificent miracle has already come. Jesus, the light in the darkness. Continue reading

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Don’t Wait – Believe, Work, Share, Rejoice, Forgive – Margaret R. Wilder

Take heart, nurture your faith—God has a plan for your life. Continue reading

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Why Don’t I Do What I Should? – Margaret R. Wilder

Why Don’t I Do What I Should? Click Here

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Do Not Be Afraid – Margaret R. Wilder

Do Not Be Afraid – Click Here

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More Precious Than Gold – Margaret R. Wilder

What is more precious than gold? And who is Jesus? Like really? Who is he? Continue reading

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Save Me From My Misery! – Part III – Margaret R. Wilder

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Do you feel like your life is broken? If so, there is HOPE! You can fight back and refuse to give up. Even if you cannot see how your life can improve—there is so much to live for. Continue reading

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Does God Hear My Prayers? — Margaret R. Wilder

Sometimes we may wonder if God hears our prayers. The story below in Acts 10 is an example that reveals, YES:

God is always listening;
God deals in specifics;
God wants us to know his Word: God wants you to hear His word taught from a specific pastor or preacher who is anointed by God to teach you!
God ANSWERS prayer, but sometimes WE are required to take ACTION! Continue reading

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7 Life Changing Minutes with God…

7 Life Changing Minutes with God…

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Can I be Healed? — John R. Chappell, III

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God Has a Healing for You Today. Is this really true? Is this your day to be healed? My opinion and your opinion don’t count! Let’s take an adventure into the Word and find out. “Is any sick among you? … Continue reading

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Unanswered Prayer

Unanswered Prayer

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