The Life That Pleases God – William A. Ward, Ph.D., D. Litt., D.D.

If man could realize all of the possibilities for good that lie within his nature, if all of his good purposes could come to pass, if his better nature could come to full fruition in his life, how wonderful life would be—but this is only possible if a man would only do those things which would please God.

This desire to please God cannot be an afterthought.  Rather it has to be the all-consuming passion of your life.  When you feel that God breathes through all of your aspirations, God thinks through all of your thoughts, God wills through all of your willing—then you can begin to realize some of the potentialities that lie deep within you.

  • Who would have ever thought that Florence Nightingale of the Crimean War would nurse hundreds and hundreds of dying soldiers until they called her “The Angel of Mercy?”
  • Who would have ever thought of what God could do with Martin Luther, when he nailed his 95 theses on the door of the Cathedral in Wittenberg, Germany? He thought that the whole world turned against him at the Diet of Worms, but he cried out, “I can do nothing but what God allows me to do.”
  • Who would have ever thought of what God could do with John Wesley, a thirteen-year-old boy, standing at a second story window, when his home was on fire? Three men rushed up to the building.  One man got on another man’s shoulders, and the third man was boosted up to stand on the second man’s shoulders.  In this way, they rescued a boy who started the Methodist Church, and ten thousand Methodist churches ring their church bells every Sunday.  And all Pentecost came out of the Methodist Church, yes a hundred different kinds of Pentecostal churches. More than 10 Million people call John Wesley blessed this day.  In my opinion, John Wesley has done more good in the world than any other man with the exception of the men whom God raised up to author books in the Bible.
  • Who would have ever thought that a boy only 4 feet 10” inches tall, the butt of jokes at school, William Wilberforce, could become the greatest political power in England and cause the entire nation to think of God?
  • Who would have ever thought that Daniel Webster would become such a mighty man of eloquence?
  • I went to college at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. One day Billy Graham, standing in the old Stoop, where we used to eat, told me that he was going to hold a tent meeting in Los Angeles, California and asked if I thought that he could do well in a tent there.  I am glad that I answered in the affirmative.  Who would have ever thought that God would raise that young man up to be the greatest evangelist of his day, and perhaps of any day?

If we will only say to God, “You speak through my words, You think through my thoughts, You purpose through my purposes, You will through my will.  Thy will be done in my life. I am Yours for time and eternity.  Use me for Thy Glory.”

Jesus said that the ideal life is to be able to say, “I do only those things which please God.”  [John8:29] The ideal life then is in living in precious communion with God.  If you don’t live in this unbroken fellowship with God, you are going to miss the mark and fall short of what God wants you to do in life.  You will miss that for which you were born, that which God had in mind for you before He ever created you.

God made man, and only God knows the possibilities for good that are latent within man.  Therefore, if you don’t allow God to live His life in you, you are going to miss the tremendous plans that God has for you.

Jesus said,

“The one who sent me is with me; he has not left me alone, for I always do what pleases him.” John 8:29

Jesus lived the perfect life, which is an example to us. As for myself, I have missed the boat many times; fallen short many times, failed many times, but there is within me that holy spark of desire that I be perfect.  I know that I am not perfect, but I want to be perfect. I believe that every Christian has that desire within him and wants to be perfect.

When you have this desire, it is God who gave you that desire.  He wants you to desire to be somebody for Him and do something noble in the world.  The world wants to hear from us.  Yes, the world is waiting to see what we will do for Christ.  There must be something that we can do.  There must be some person we can write, some sermon that we can preach, some song that we can sing, some soul that we can lift. Some weakness that we can add strength to, some lost person that we can find.  There must be a star that we can hang in our sky to brighten someone’s pathway, some flower that we can grow in our garden, and let the world smell the fragrance of it.

Say out loud,

“This is my day. I have work to do. I must leave some footprints on the sands of time.  Someone must know that I journeyed this way.  My life must count for some good cause.”

“There is a bell that I can ring, a light that I can shine, a horn that I can blow, a good that I can contribute to the world.  Help me God that I will do only those things that please Thee.”

—-Written by William Arthur Ward, excerpts taken from his book, God Can Turn Things Around, Edited by Margaret R. Wilder.

William Arthur Ward, Richmond, VADr. Ward wrote an incredible book that is still in print called, Miracles That I Have Seen.    This book lists 173 miracles he witnessed during his lifetime.  Each miracle is from 1-3 pages.  245 pgs.


“Dr. William Arthur Ward is a graduate of Wheaton College, in Wheaton,
Illinois, and has spent fourteen years in seven different colleges and
universities, five of those years in the graduate department of the
University of Texas at Austin.  Among others, he holds the Ph.D., D.
Litt., and D.D. degrees. Dr. Ward has preached for sixty years,
ministering in every state in the United States, in eighty-four
countries, and in nearly every big city of the world.  A dedicated
scholar, he is the author of numerous books, was the editor for many
years of a popular Christian magazine, and has served as pastor and
teacher.  His joy, however, is winning souls.  He has an evangelist’s
heart. He is never happier than when he is preaching the everlasting
Gospel. He and his wife reside in Richmond, Virginia.”

Miracles That I Have Seen, by Ward, Dr. William A.
McDougal Publishing


Margaret R. Wilder is an enthusiastic teacher, writer, and speaker explaining powerful, life-changing Biblical principles in a unique conversational way. Encourager of women, widows, and all weary, discouraged souls. Laugh...Dream...Hope - How to Renew Your Strength in the Presence of the Lord. ---Thanks for visiting my site. I pray you are encouraged today! God loves you! God is watching over you now. I pray his Holy Spirit guides you into the fullness of His truth! "For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call on Me and you will come and pray to Me, and I will hear [your voice] and I will listen to you." Jeremiah 29:11-12 (AMP)
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