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Save Me From My Misery! – Part II – Margaret R. Wilder

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Have you been attempting to fill the emptiness in your soul with romantic relationships, drugs, alcohol, or other stuff to try to numb the pain? Have you tried healing your mind on your own, through non-Bible-based meditation or seeking enlightenment from some other source of power within yourself—without the help of God Almighty? Trust me, is not going to work. Oh yes, you may find or concoct temporary solutions—but aren’t you tired of that? Who wants temporary peace, hope, or joy? I believe you are looking for something that is real and lasting! Hang with me, and I will show you how to get there. Remember, there is a counterfeit for every authentic blessing of God. Continue reading

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Save Me From My Misery! – Part I – Margaret R. Wilder

Are you at a crossroad in life, but feel stuck in a web of conflicting choices? Are you losing hope and feeling desperate? Is your judgement muddled? Overwhelmed with sorrow? Or feeling trapped with no way out? Is your life full of frustration, anger, rejection, fear? Do you suffer from an addiction? Is your life best described as “hell on earth”? Continue reading

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